Navigate to the Services page to view and access all Tellody services


Types of Services

Opt-in Services

With Opt-in services customers are automatically added to your contact list (if they are already subscribers then their data will be updated according to their latest Opt-in service). Customers should provide either their Email or MSISDN to complete the Opt-in (for security reasons they are not allowed to provide both).

Use Opt-in services to build a solid contact database and grow your business.

Voucher Services

Design and configure personalized Vouchers, Tickets, Coupons, Loyalty cards etc. Redeem seamlessly with the use of the free Tellody app or through a Redeem Voucher page. Pass generation also supported (Android and Apple wallet)

Implement valuable retainment and reward actions with Voucher services

Survey Services

Design and configure Surveys and Questionnaires to get to know your customers' opinions and get valuable customer feedback. Tellody automatically generates Customer Satisfaction metrics based on your customers responses.

Listen directly to the voice of your customers so you can understand your customers better, build customer loyalty and drive growth

Create a Service

1. Navigate to the Services Page

2. Select a service, click on the tile of the service that you want to create

3. Name your Service and select expiration time and date

4. Configure and customize your Service

5. Create your Service

Send a Service

1. Navigate to the Campaigns page

2. Select a type of campaign; click on the respective tile

3. Set up your Campaign

4. Select the contacts that you want to send your Service

5. Attach the Service

6. Create your Campaign

View a Services Report

1. Navigate to the Services Page

2. Click on your Service balloon

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Last updated on 8th Mar 2019