Delete Service

In Tellody you are allowed to delete a service before it is executed

You can only delete a Draft or Scheduled Service

1. Navigate to the Services page


You have the following two options:

Mouse hover the Draft/Scheduled Service bubble

A Delete button will appear on the top right corner of the bubble

Delete Button

Delete Button

2. Click on Delete button and Confirm deletion from the pop-up dialog box; the Draft/Scheduled Service will be deleted

Click on this button and the Draft/Scheduled Service will be deleted.

Click on the Draft/Scheduled Service bubble

This will navigate you to the Service Configuration page

Draft Service

2. Click on the Delete button at the right bottom of the Service Configuration page and confirm deletion from the pop-up dialog box

Delete Button

This will delete the Draft/Scheduled Service; the service is also deleted permanently from your Services list


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Last updated on 4th Jun 2018