Nameday SMS Campaign

Set up a Nameday SMS campaign as Event Campaigns. To set-up your Nameday SMS Campaign go through the following steps

1. Navigate to Campaigns Page

Campaigns Page

2. Click the Nameday SMS Campaign tile

Nameday Campaign Tiles

3. Set up the message, schedule your campaign and click the Create button


Nameday SMS Campaign

Your Nameday SMS Campaign is active!

Important Notes

  • A Name day Campaign sends its festive messages once a day at the scheduled time
    (e.g. if you initially schedule the campaign to run on 10:00 AM, then all daily messages will be sent at 10:00 AM)
  • Name day messages are sent to your entire contact list
  • By default, a Name day Campaign runs for a year (365 days) since launch
  • You can suspend your current Name day Campaign anytime you want

    • Navigate to the report page of your Name day Campaign
    • Click the floating button at the bottom right corner of the page

      Nameday Campaign Suspension

  • A Nameday SMS Campaign do NOT reserve credits. If you run out of credits, the campaign will automatically pause until you top up your Tellody account.

  • You can only have one Birthday and one Nameday campaign running per channel (one for SMS and one for email)

Essential Tips

Offer value with your name day wishes. Use Tellody Vouchers and attach an exclusive offer to your message (e.g. an one-off discount or a free gift)
Personalize your message to strengthen the personal nature of the communication
Make sure you have accurate data (name information should be written in greek language) before you launch a Name day Campaign
Last updated on 7th Aug 2018