Query Builder

Tellody gives you the option to create different groups and use contact information as a filter

Query Builder is an easy way to create dynamic groups in order to organize better your groups and your campaigns recipients.

Open QueryBuilder

From Contacts & Groups page at Tellody write in search tile the letter "q:" in order to open the QueryBuilder.

Query Builder

Create a Group

You can use various contact information as a filter in order to create a group

Query Builder Filters

Choose a filter to be:

  • equal
  • not equal
  • contains
  • doesn't contain
  • is null
  • is not null

with a word or a letter and then create the group.

Create a Group

You can Search first if this query will return a result and then create the group. You can do that by pressing the Search button and then the Create New Group button.

Additional info

You can use the Query Builder in order to redefine an existing group. Go to a group and choose your filters and then press the Redefinition of Group button.

Redefine a Group

You can also change the groups name in order to be more relative with the contacts.

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Last updated on 15th Mar 2019