Campaign Types

Marketing Campaing is the promotion of a service, product, brand name, event through various communication channels.

Tellody© is an integrated suite that supports the dominant channels of digital marketing, SMS and in Email.

Tellody supports two general types of Campaings, bulk and event-based.

To view existing or create a new campaign, navigate to the Campaigns page

Campaigns Page

The following options are available:

Personalized Bulk Campaings

  • Email Campaigns (personalized bulk Email)
  • SMS Campaigns (personalized bulk SMS)

Event Campaings

Event Campaigns (SMS/Email) are campaigns triggered by Contact's behaviour

Birthday Campaigns

Birthday Campaigns (SMS/Email) are triggered by Contact's birthday information

Name day Campaigns

Name day Campaigns (SMS/Email) are triggered by Contact's name day information

Note: Name day campaigns are supported only for Greek names

GDPR Campaigns

GDPR Campaigns are ready to use campaign templates for the new General Data Protection Regulation

Note: GDPR campaigns will block all contacts and the contacts should press the consent button to be unblocked

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Last updated on 3rd Apr 2019