Customer Journey Configuration

With Tellody you can design a automated customer journey based on an interactive chain of Campaigns and Services; key of this process is the Event concept.

Customer Events

In Tellody, Events are the customer activities that are associated/generated by Services and are used as triggers for Campaigns

  • Event or Campaign Trigger can be any Tellody Service
    For example, Opt-in form, Instant Win voucher, Loyalty Card, Event Pass, Event Admission, Reports, Polls, etc.

  • Event Messages (SMS and/or Email) will be automatically sent to the customer when she triggers this specific event

Basic Configuration

Set up a Customer Journey as an interactive chain of of Campaigns and Services

Step 1 Create the Services

Step 2 Create the Campaigns and attach Services

The configuration of the aforementioned process is highlighted through the following generic example.

Suppose you want to use as an Event a Tellody Service called Beta, which will trigger an Event Message called Alpha

Step 1. Create the Beta Service

Step 2. Configure the Alpha message at the Event Campaigns level either as an Event SMS Campaign or Event Email Campaign

Customer Journey Campaigns

Select as Contact event the Beta Service from the Service list.
The Campaign Set Up page will look like

Customer Journey Sample

Execution of the Alpha campaign will generate the following Customer Journey map

Customer Journey Sample

Complex Configurations

Combining more Campaigns and Services results to an interactive chain with a complex Customer Journey map

Customer Complex Journey

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Last updated on 8th May 2018