Instant Win

Instant Win is a service with which you offer a gift to all new subscribers for their consent.Your customers just type in their email or MSISDN and win a prize. To old subscribers the service can be used as a reward for their commitment.

Use Instant Win and make your customers happy by giving them a prize.

Create an Instant Win

1. Navigate to the Services page


2. Click on the Instant Win tile to generate the service

Create Button

3. Name your Instant Win service through the name placeholder

4. Click on the ending placeholder and select the preferable ending time and date for your Instant Win. Selection is based on your local timezone which is automatically detected from your browser settings.

Name & Date

5. Select a theme; click the lamp button at the left top corner of the theme photo (more about Themes)

Select Theme

6. Configure your service. Click on the Add New Components menu to add your preferred components, e.g. Firstname, Lastname, etc.

7. Configure Winning Rules

  • Winning Percentage (%) ratio of winners to overall
  • Giveaway description of the actual prize

Tellody will randomly pick the winners by the end of the Instant Win

Winner Rules

8. Configure Post-Entry Messages

Post Entry-Winners Message

Post Entry Winners

The message that winners view

Post Entry-Losers Message

Post Entry Losers

The message that losers view

Expiration Message

Expiration Message

The message shown when the Instant Win has expired

9. Click on the Create button and generate your service

Create Instant Win

Note: This doesn't automatically post your contest on your social media, e.g. your Facebook business page


1. Navigate to the Services Page

2. Click on the desired Instant Win balloon to be redirected to the report page

Instant Win Balloon

♦ Post to social media, copy or embed the URL generated for the Instant Win service

♦ View Viewes, Participants, Conversion rate and detailed Instant Win report

Instant Win History&Report

♦ Options: Duplicate service, use in an Event Campaign, stop, export, create dynamic group for Instant Win participants

Instant Win Extra Buttons

Note: Instant Win is an one-time use service

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Last updated on 23rd May 2018