You can use opt-in services to express permission by a customer or a recipient of a marketing message that allows you to send more information or other messages. Opt -in service makes the difference between an email of consent and a bulk email often characterized as spam.

Use an Opt-in to grow your customer base


1. From the Services page you can view all the pre-configured Opt-in Services


2. Click on the Opt-in tile to generate the service

Opt in Service

3. Name your Opt-in service through the name placeholder

4. Click on the ending placeholder and select the preferable ending time and date of your service. Selection is based on your local timezone which is automatically detected from your browser settings.

Opt in Name&Date

5. Select a theme; click the lamp button at the left top corner of the theme photo (more about Themes)

Opt in Themes

6. Configure your service. Click to the Add New Components menu to add preferred components, e.g. Firstname, Lastname, etc.

Sweepstake New Components

7. Configure Post-Entry messages

Post-Entry Message

Opt in Post-Entry Message

The message that appears after successful, on-time participation

Expiration Message

Opt in Expiration Message

The message shown when the Opt-in has expired

8. Once you are ready to go live, generate your service. Click on the Create button on the right bottom corner of the page.

Create Button

Note: This doesn't automatically post your contest on your social media, e.g. your Facebook Business Page


1. Navigate to the Services page

2. Click on the desired Opt-in balloon to be redirected to the report page

Opt in Balloon

♦ Post to Social Media, copy or embed the URL generated for the Opt-in service

♦ View Visits, Acquisitions, Conversion rate and detailed Opt-in report

Opt in History&Report

♦ Options: Duplicate service, use in an Event Campaign, stop, export, create dynamic group for Opt-in participants

Opt in Extra Buttons

Note: Opt-in services are one-time use. If you try to retype your data, a message will appear that the data have been already typed and they are only updated.

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Last updated on 3rd Apr 2019