GDPR Campaigns

The new data protection regulation known as GDPR has brought a variety of changes in communication and specifically in communication for marketing purposes; it consists of a variety of options that secures people's consent to the use of their personal data and heavy fines for all the non-compliant corporations.

Thus, you slould run a GDPR Campaign and send messages with consent and non-consent options to your contacts to make sure that they are happy to receive your messages.

GDPR Informative Articles are currently available on Tellody blog both in English and Greek Version

Set up a GDPR Campaign

Tellody handles GDPR Campaigns with great importance and therefore we have prepared "two ready to use" GDPR campaigns. To set-up your GDPR Campaign go through the following steps

1. Navigate to Campaigns Page

Campaigns Page

2. Click the GDPR SMS Campaign tile or the GDPR Email Campaign tile

GDPR Campaign Tiles

3. Schedule your campaign (SMS or Email)and click the Create button


GDPR SMS Campaign


GDPR Email Campaign

Your GDPR Campaign is active!

Important Notes

  • GDPR messages are sent to your selected contacts or groups
  • GDPR Campaign will blocks all your selected contacts
  • The selected contacts can be unblocked only if they give their consent by clicking on the "Yes, let's stay in touch button"
  • A GDPR SMS Campaign reserves credits. If you run out of credits a prompt message will remind you to top up your Tellody account.
Last updated on 7th Aug 2018