Api Call

Through the API call you can trigger campaigns and add/update contacts in Tellody. Below you can find the information on how to set up the call.

Detailed iformation on how to set up an API triggered campaign can be found in API triggerd campaigns.

Set-up the JSON object

Use the following JSON object type to trigger Tellody's API


APIRequest.ContentType = "application/json"

APIRequest.Headers.Add("Accept-Language", "el")

JSON Object:




      "importToGroup":"Direct or NameOfTheGroup",


      "defaultPrefix": "30",








































JSON object information


The "key" can be found at the profile page in Tellody in the redeemers information.
Redeemers Key


The "invokeCampaigns" parameter value informs the system about the campaign id that is going to be triggered. It can be found at this Api Event Campaign report page after campaign execution. For the example below the invokeCampaigns value is 34. invokeCampaignsId

Subscriber's preffered channel:

The subscriber's preffered channel ("subscriber.preferredChannel") refers to subscribers preffered communication channel and it can take the following values:

  • all : the contact becomes unblock, without preffered channel

  • sms : the contact becomes unblock, with preffeered channel SMS

  • email : the contact becomes unblock, with preffeered channel EMAIL

  • none : the contact becomes block, without preffered channel

Blank space (or any other wrong value) is considered as "none".

If a contact becomes blocked in some way from import (optout page, profile page, block from the application) the value of the preffered channel doesn't change and if it becomes again unblock ( optin page, use any service that has been sent to contact in the past, unblock from the application) the previous preffered channel will be used again.

Import to group

If you choose "direct" the contact will be saved automatically with your other contacts in Tellody but if you choose a specific group (e.g. Favourite Contacts) the contact will be saved also to this group.

Default prefix

The default prefix refers to phone first set of digits after the country and area codes of a telephone number (e.g. Greece's calling code is +30).

Date, time formats

The default date format is "d/M/yyyy": date/Month/year (e.g. 2/11/2019). The default time format is "HH:mmZ": Hours:minutes (e.g. 8:40).

Data maping

The data mapping should be the same as displayed above in the Json Object picture. If an information is missing (e.g. "profession") the profession field should be deleted from data too or leave blank this specific filed (e.g. " ",).

Maping or extra fields

Extra fields are referred to Tellody's custom fields. The custom fields can be Text, Date and Number. The name of extra fields should be the same with name in Tellody (e.g. if you have a Text custom field in Tellody with the name FreeText in the mapping you must give the name "FreeText").

Custom field Date

Custom field Date is actually date time which means that you must give apart from date the time too.

Custom field Date format is: dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm (e.g. "15/02/2019 12:33" ).

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Last updated on 8th Mar 2019