Contact Engagement

Knowing your contacts and their behaviour towards your campaigns is vital to grow your business further and faster.

Being able to identify the most engaged and satisfied customers supports a meaningful segmentation of your customer base, and a better design of your messages, campaigns, events and actions. For example, the Pareto rule, the 80/20 rule of thump that occurs frequently in business, states that, in general, 20% of your customers represent the 80% of sales.

Get to know your Most & Least Valuable Contacts
Convert information to knowledge

Tellody's smart behavioural metrics provide vital information of your customers' engagement and satisfaction, aiming to leverage the efficiency of your campaigns and their impact to your revenues and growth.

Contact Engagement

The Engagement metric summarizes a contact’s responsiveness to Tellody Services attached to your campaigns (e.g. Vouchers, Surveys, Files, URLs, etc.)
Since you are logged-in, Satisfaction metrics can be found here.

Engagement is automatically calculated for a single contact, groups and the whole of your contact list.

You can create Dynamic Groups of low and high Engagement Contacts and target them with different messages.

Design novel and better strategies and tactics to inform media planning and message strategies
Customers consume media differently

Total Engagement

To access the engagement analytics of your contact list

  1. Navigate to the Analytics page
  2. Click on the Contact Engagement tile to navigate to the Engagement Analytics page.

Contact Engagement

In the Engagement Analytics page you can view

  • Overall Engagement scores of your services (your contact's involvement with your services)

Engagement Analytics

You can generate a Dynamic Group based on desired contact Engagement scores.

Engagement Dynamic Group

Click on the Dynamic Group will get you to the respective group page

Engagement Dynamic Group Details

?Are there automated groups for engagement as NOT GOOD/OK/GOOD for satisfaction?

Group Engagement

You can view the engagement metric of a group from the satisfaction icon on the group overview page (red tile with the heart icon).

Single Contact Engagement

You can view the engagement metric of single contact from the satisfaction icon on the group overview page (red tile with the heart icon).

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Last updated on 3rd Apr 2019