Following GDPR Regulations

In Tellody your are not allowed to use non compliant contact databases. If you do so, you are violating our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

We will have to lock down your account if we spot any messaging abuse or non conformation to regulations.

New GDPR Features Are Here

Here in Tellody, we’ve been working hard to develop new features that will help make GDPR compliance easier for you and your subscribers.
If your Contact follows the Update Contact Profile link that is included in one of the received spaces, then he will be forwarded to his profile page.

Update your profile page

From there the contact can choose the following options:

  • Update Profile

  • Opt out from Marketing Material

  • Forget me

Update Profile

If a user wants to change, correct or evn delete any information of her/his profile, hits the relevant button and can edit any information of the profile.

Opt out from Marketing Material

If a user wants to stop receiving newsletters and offers hits the relevant button and Tellody stops using all his personal data for Marketing purposes.

Forget me option

If a user wants to be forgotten and hits the relevant forget me button, tellody deletes all his personal information following the newest GDPR recommendations.

Tellody also fully supports since February 2018:

  • Proof of subscriber's consent

  • GDPR conformed Opt in templates

Everytime a user checks the box of privacy policy, Tellody keeps records of his log and his IP as proof of the subscriber's consent.

GDPR conformed Opt in templates

In order to help our customers to be

And we have moved all our server inside the EU boundaries.

GDPR campaigns templates

To make GDPR compliance a piece of cake for you and your company we have create two campaign templates:

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Last updated on 8th Mar 2019