Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is an overall psychological state that reflects the evaluation of a relationship between the customer and the company.You can use it to assess customer attitudes about products, services and brands and have a clue for your business performance to the market. Knowing that your customers are happy saves you from taking any unnecessary business risk.


1. Navigate to the Services page

2. Click on the Customer Satisfaction tile

Customer Satisfaction

3. Name your service through the name placeholder; select expiration from the ending placeholder (if any)

4. Configure your service

  • Title, main text and subtitle (description)
  • Edit the default components (how likely is that you recommend this company to a friend? etc.)
  • Add additional components; click on the Add New Component button

Customer Satisfaction Components

You can drag Components around to have them in the desired order.

Survey Components

Free Text

You can place your preferred text to the Title and Subtitle placeholders

Customer Feedback Text

You can select the number of the allowed characters for your customer's response.

Tellody will perfom Sentiment Analysis on the response and assign a value.

An example of a free text component is the following

Customer Feedback Text


You can insert text to the Title placeholder and select the number of the rating stars (up to 10); an example of a rating component is the preconfigured How did you find our services

Customer Satisfaction Star Rating

Multiple/Single Choice

You can place your preferred text to the Title and the Main Text placeholders; you can add more options through the Add Answer button

Invitation Multiple Choice

If you select the Allow Multiple Answers checkbox, then radio buttons are replaced by boxes and multiple answers are allowed.

If you select the Required checkbox, then an answer is required in order to submit the survey.

Image / Logo / Formatted Text

You can add logos, images and formatted text in the main body of your Customer Feedback form

5. Configure visual design properties

You can either upload and use your own custom Theme (e.g. upload a custom image) or you can use one of the hundreds that Tellody provides by default (see more about Themes)

As mentioned previously you can modify the visual design of the main body of your Customer Feedback form , too.

Customer Feedback Aesthetics

Mobile Preview gives a preview of how your Customer Feedback will look like when viewed from a mobile device

6. Set up the Post Entry message

Post Entry message is the one your contacts view after the successful submission of the Customer Satisfaction; you can modify the default message as you wish

Customer Satisfaction Post Entry

7. Click to the Create button and your Customer Satisfaction is ready to go

Create Invitation


You can access the responses to your Customer Satisfaction from the Customer Satisfaction Report page

1. Navigate to the Services page

2. Click on the Customer Satisfaction's balloon

Customer Satisfaction Balloon

Here you can view detailed statistics for every single question along with a Customer Satisfaction Detailed Report table

Customer Satisfaction Report

Customer Journey

To view how your Customer Satisfaction interacts with other campaigns and services, you have to click on the Summary balloon

Invitation Report Balloon

and the Customer Journey accordion will expand

Customer Satisfaction Journey

More about the Customer Journey at the Customer Journey page

Sentiment Analysis

Tellody perfoms Sentiment Analysis on all free text submissions of you customers. Each and every Sentiment Score is presented on the form of a colored face next to the the Customer submission.

Survey Sentiment Analysis

Those metrics are calculated to provide Global and per Contact Satisfaction metrics. More at the Satisfaction page.

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Last updated on 6th Jun 2018