Season Ticket

A season ticket is a ticket that grants privileges over a defined period of time.A season ticket grants your customers' priveleges for one season without additional charges. You can use the ticket to offer a discounted price over purchasing a ticket for each of the products or service for the same season individually.


1. Navigate to the Services page

2. Click on the Season ticket tile

Season Ticket Card

3. Name your service through the name placeholder

4. Configure the Season ticket; complete the following information

  • Your business logo on the top of the ticket (required for pass creation)
  • Title and organization/company name
  • Use tags to autocmplete users details from your contacts base, e.g. subscriber name and subscriber surname
  • Expiration
  • Additional information (optional)

5. Configure visual design properties

You can either upload and use your own custom Theme (e.g. upload a custom image) or you can use one of the hundreds that Tellody provides by default (see more about Themes)

Select Themes

The selected images and colors combination will be used for the pass creation

Season Ticket Preview

6. View and edit Season ticket information

Season Ticket Automated Info

Click on the (i) button to view Season ticket information; by default your Company Details (company name, address, etc.) are used

generated info

If you want to modify Season ticket information you have to navigate to the Profile page and the edit the Company Details

7. Season ticket message

Message is the one that the redeemer will view when the Season ticket is scanned.

Season Ticket Rules

Season ticket can be only scanned once a day

8. Enable Location-Based Marketing with the use of the Map Locations feature

With Maps Locations feature the generated pass of your voucher will trigger a notification to the mobile device when the customer enters a predifined geolocation

Voucher Location

You can enter up to ten locations for a season ticket

Voucher Location

9. Click on the Create button and your Season ticket is ready to go

Create Season ticket


For a detailed overview of the Season ticket redemption please see the Voucher Redemption page

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Last updated on 11th Jul 2018