Redeem Voucher

You can redeem/scan (validate) Vouchers' services through

  • Tellody
  • Tellody App (for IOS and Android)


1. Navigate to the Services page

2. Click on the Redeem Voucher tile and you will be navigated to Voucher Redemption Page

Voucher Redemption

3. Type the Voucher code in the text box and view the Voucher Redemption Message

Voucher Redemption

Tellody App

1. Download and Install the Tellody App

Tellody Apps are for free

2. Navigate to the Profile page and set up a new Redeemer Voucher Redemption

3. Click on the "Redeemers" tab; manage the existing redeemers

4. Click on the "Create Redeemer" button and type in the Redeemer information (Description and Email)

Voucher Redemption

A new redeemer is created:

Voucher Redemption

In order to activate the mobile device where the Tellody app is installed as a valid scanner you have to use the generated Key

Voucher Redemption

For your covninience, Tellody provides an autologin link

Voucher Redemption

Click the autologin link and the Email client will open with a preconfigured email; send the Email to the mobile device where the Tellody app is installed

Once you authorize the Tellody app you can seamlessly scan the any Voucher service QR Code and view the message. Also, you can Opt-in new customers

Last updated on 31st May 2018