Instant Win Journey

Suppose you want to run online a contest for both your current customer base and potential new subscribers. The contest will be an instant win lottery; winners will be rewarded a voucher.

Instant Win Customer Journey Steps

Create an Instant Win page
Customers participate to the contest
Tellody automatically notifies the winners with a Congratulations Email where a Grand Prize Voucher is attached

Step 1: Create Services

1. Navigate to the Services page

2. Set up the Instant Win (see Instant Win)

3. Set up the Grand Prize Voucher (see Voucher)

As a result the Services page will look like this

Customer Journey Services

Step 2: Create Campaign

1. Navigate to the Campaigns page

2. Click on the Event Email Campaign tile

Event Email campaign

and set up the Congratulations Email

3. Select as Contact event the Instant Win service

Event Email campaign

4. Add a Voucher Tag to your message and select the Grand Prize Voucher

Event Email campaign

As a result Tellody will automatically send to all contest winners the Congratulations Email with the Grand Prize Voucher attached

5. Create your Campaign

Then your Campaign page will look like this

Customer Journey Campaigns

while the Congratulations Email Campaign Report and the Customer Journey are the following

Event Email campaign

View the Instant Win Customer Journey

Click on one of the Summary balloons of the associated Campaign and Services Reports; balloon will expand and present a visual representation of the Instant Win Coustomer Journey

Click on the Customer Journey button During Campaign Set Up and view the temporal version of your Customer Journey

Customer Journey Button

Here is the final configured Instant Win Customer Journey

Customer Journey Final

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Last updated on 10th May 2018