Landing Pages

Landing page is a standalone web page, independent of your website or other social media business page, where your contacts or potential contacts will be redirected (land) when they click on a hyperlink from an email, your social media posts, or other digital location.

It serves as an entry point for traffic associated with a specific call on action, i.e. promotion of a limited-time offer or a specific product or service, an Opt-in campaign, etc.

Tellody allows the free creation and use of customized landing pages to meet your marketing needs

Create & Use

1. Navigate to Services page

2. Select, set up and create an Opt-in service

3. Navigate to the Report Page of your service; from Services page click on your service balloon

4. Click on the Service Page tab for a detailed preview of your landing page (entry, post-entry, expiration)

5. The page is live on the web and have a custom URL so that you can share it or/and incorporate it in your campaigns and marketing actions. In more detail, you can seamlessly

  • Use the URL of the landing page to promote you call to action
  • Embed the page e.g. in your website
  • Post the URL to your Social Media and increase the traffic to your page

Combine your landing pages with other campaings and services and create meaningful and rewarding customer journeys to optimize the conversion rate of your call to action

6. Furthermore you can view Visits, Acquisitions, Conversion rate and detailed reporting of your service

Conversion rate

It is the ratio of the number of visitors completing your goal action (number of conversions) to the total number of visitors who landed (clicks on the page), expressed as a percentage.

Since the main goal of a landing page is to convert visits into leads, sales and signups it is apparent that you target the highest possible conversion rate


Landing page is a targeted action aiming to increase conversion rate for a specific marketing purpose and new contacts sign up. Thus, the call to action on your page should be clear and sound.

Less is more

Less clutter: too much visual clutter can result to confused visitors who miss the actual call to action

Less text: your page should focus on one goal rather than trying to fulfil many. Your message should be simplified and up to the point; your visitors won't be thrilled to scroll down reading irrelevant information

Less information: By definition a landing page should have a form to capture visitors information through that form. Pay attention to ask and collect only the absolutely necessary information to complete the specific action. Else, your visitors might abandon the process and the conversion rate will decline

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Last updated on 5th Jun 2018