Facebook Tab

Post your forms in Facebook

Use Tellody to Opt in your Facebook Friends

Tellody allows you to generate a new post directly in you Facebook pages.

Facebook Tab Configuration

From your Profile page click on the tab "Permissions": Facebook Tab

and then click on the "Connect to Facebook" button:

Facebook Connect

After connecting and granding persmissions you will have to select the desired Facebook page, type in the Facebook Tab name and select the Tellody Form (Opt in, Sweepstake, Event Registration or Instant Wind).

Facebook Configuration

By clicking save, your new Facebook Tab will be created (named Tellody Tab for the purposes of this wiki):

Facebook Tabs

An this is the generated Facebook Experience (with a sample form): Facebook Form

Facebook Tab Service Stop

To remove the Tab from your Facebook page, just hit the "Unpublish" button: Facebook Delete Form

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Last updated on 15th May 2018