Contact Fields

Data and contact information are organized in fields at the contact's page

Tellody provides eight default plus ten extra fields to manage your contact information

Default fields

Standard contact information is stored in eight default fields

Contact Information

  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Email
  • Mobile number (MSISDN)
  • Contact Address
  • Birthday
  • Profession
  • Gender
  • Remaining messages for this week

*Tellody imposes a maximum of ten campaign messages per week for a signle contact

A valid MSISDN or Email is required for a creation of a valid contact

At the Contact page, if you click on one Contact from the rolodex, you will get to that pecific Contact's page. From there you can view all messages you have sent to this contact, the groups he/she belongs to and his/hers Contact Information:

Extra Fields

If you want to capture unique contact information you can create additional. custom fields

1. Navigate to the Profile page

2. Click on the tab Custom Fields

Custom Fields

3. Click on the Create Custom Field button

4. Name the field

5. Select the type of your custom field; Tellody supports three different types of fields

  • Text
  • Number
  • Date

6. Click on the Create button

Your custom fields will be visible right below the default fields

Custom Fields Contact

and will be available as tags in all Campaigns and Services

Note: You can create up to ten extra fields


Custom fields in Opt-in service

Custom Fields Opt in.

Custom fields in Messages tags

Custom Fields Message

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Last updated on 12th Jun 2018