Adding Services To Campaigns

Tellody combines seamlessly actions of the complete Customer Lifecycle, i.e. Communication with Retainment and Listening.

Tellody integrates SMS and Email messaging services with services like Vouchers, Surveys, Files, Links, etc., and provide one-stop Analytics for your campaigns.

You can integrade services in your messages in two ways

  • Add service Tags
  • Attach services

Get the full messaging experience

You can incorporate Services as Tags in your Email and Text campaigns.

The following categories of Services can be used in campaings as Tags:

  • Vouchers
    New Voucher, Store card, Coupon, Gift card, Membership card, Event admission, Identification card, Show ticket, Season ticket
  • Surveys
    New Survey, Invitation, Customer feedback, Event feedback, Emergency announcement, Customer satisfaction, Brand loyalty
  • Files
  • Links
  • Opt Out Links
  • Update Your Profile Links

Tellody allows one tag per Service category per Campaign

Configurable Services that can be inserted to messages as Tags

Tagged Services

Add Service Tags to Email messages

Rich Text Editor

Service Tag buttons can be found on the Rich Text Editor taskbar

Rich Email Tags

Zoom In Rich Email Tags

Tags in Email

Sample Email with all Service Tags' categories included

Template Editor

Service Tag are included in the Service menu thet appears over the text box of each text block

Email Template Tags

Zoom In Email Template Tags.

Email Template Tags

Sample Email with all Service Tags' categories included

SMS Editor

Service Tag buttons can be found on the SMS Editor taskbar at the bottom

SMS Tags

Zoom In

SMS Tags.

SMS Tags

Sample SMS with all Service Tags' categories included

Associate Tags to Services

Especially for Survey, Voucher, File and Link Tags you have to associate the Tags to the desired Services.

In more details

  1. Navigate to Services page
  2. Choose, edit and create your preferred service
  3. Navigate to Campaigns page
  4. Choose you preferred campaign type (SMS or Email)
  5. Type your message, incorporate the desired Service Tags, and save your message
  6. You will be prompted to select the services that you want to attach

    Tags in Email

    Note: You are not allowed to execute the campaign unless all incorporated services are attached

    Tags in Email

  7. Create your campaign

After Campaign Execution

Navigate to Campaigns page

Go to your Campaign balloon

Campaign Balloon

Under the From field you can view all your Service Tags

Campaign Balloon

Here is the result (Email from Rich Text Editor)

Campaign Balloon

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Last updated on 1st Mar 2018